Top Three Designing Softwares

TOP THREE DESIGNING SOFTWARES​ We are living in a world where pictures and graphics have more impact than words. Everyone, in every given field, is using graphics to some extent. Because of this emerging need for colorful designs and graphics, there has been a growing requirement for graphic designers. As there are many companies and […]

Creating Impact with Technology and the Course of our Lives

CREATING IMPACT WITH TECHNOLOGY​ We are living in a world filled with technology. From waking up to sleeping again, we are technology dependent. We have moved into an era where our coming generations are digital natives, they learn, think, communicate with tech. This dependency can go either way, it can be used in our favor […]

How Technology & Covid Changed the Course of Our Lives

HOW TECHNOLOGY & COVID CHANGED THE COURSE OF OUR LIVES​ As the whole world shut down when the Covid-19 pandemic hit us last year. It affected people’s lives, businesses, industries, and many other aspects of how things worked in the world before. With everything closing to stop the spread of the virus, it seemed like […]