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This is an effort to identify the Sign on URL and information for 1000 Universities in order to facilitate single sign on through platform.


Key points to be considered:

  1. The URL discovered is associated with the provided school.
  2. The URL is the shortest possible length to reach the Sign-in page.



  1. The team is provided with a spreadsheet of schools including Name, Country, and URL. There will be 6 additional columns: “sign-on URL”, “username label”, “password label”, “email domain”, “homepage URL” and “notes”. The purpose of this project is to fill out those columns.
  2. For each school, navigate to the provided URL. Verify that the URL is associated with the provided School name and country. If the URL does not work, or does not match the provided school information, use a google search to identify the correct URL.
  3. Once the correct URL has been identified, navigate to the page that allows students to log in.
  4. These pages vary, some will be on the home-page, others will be on a dedicated page.
  5. Record the minimum length URL that navigates to that page in the “sign-on URL” column. This may require some experimentation. 
  6. For example: may navigate to the same page as In this case, is the preferred URL.
  7. Record the label associated with the username input in the “username label” column. For English sites this will often be: username. Omit any punctuation including colon “:”. 
  8. Record the label associated with the password input in the “password label” column. For English sites this will often be: password. Omit any punctuation including colon “:”.
  9. The email domain is the part of the email address following the “@.” Record this value in the “email domain” column.
  10. The email domain can often be found on the sign in page, example emails can likely be found on a contact page or student/faculty directory.
  11. The homepage URL is the minimum length URL for the homepage for the school’s website.
  12. This URL can often be found by clicking on the home button or top-left banner.
  13. If any of the required information cannot be found please record a brief description in the “notes” column.

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